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My story

    ⁃intense and focused but hopelessly silly ... darkly and joyfully emotional, but quirky ... persistent and determined yet inspired, optimistic and still very much a kid.
... and I CANNOT WAIT to share my music with you!
  My real name is Stella Lucia Enriquez-Azzopardi, and I’m a mix of Filipino/German and Maltese.   I live in Toronto and attend high school at Rosedale Heights School for the Arts.
  My parents are both musicians. Mom is a singer/performer and voice actor, and Dad was an R&B producer in the 90s and is an amazing drummer. I guess, I came by it honestly, but they never pushed me. It happened naturally. Music is my life. It’s what I do for fun and to relax. Like food, water or oxygen, I need it. It’s also how I express myself, especially my strong emotions.
  Most of the writing I do happens on a piano that used to be my Mom’s. Every day I’m down there, sometimes first thing in the morning, but always right after school.  Entire weekends can go by with just me and my piano. I also play the bass and with a drummer for a dad, I have a great appreciation for the foundation of a track held together by the rhythm section.
  I have released six singles, with an expected new single with video on October 13th, 2023called 'DEJA VU"
  I’m grateful for all the feedback. It inspires me to keep going. I compose, arrange, and produce all my music in my home studio.
  I can’t wait to share with you all the music in my head.

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